Medicare Specialist

Joyce was a public school teacher for 19 years, and we all know that teachers are “givers” – most of the time to the extent of seeing to everyone else’s needs above their own. Upon leaving the teaching field, Joyce pursued a variety of jobs, but the need to help others left her feeling like she could be doing more. After marrying Kevin and seeing how he helps others with tough financial decisions made her feel like this was an occupation in which she would not only be satisfying her own need to help others but would actually be helping them in the process.

After becoming an insurance agent alongside of Kevin, Joyce began to branch out into other areas of helping people with insurance needs.  As she first started working with people struggling to figure out which Medicare plan was best for them, she felt drawn to this area of insurance assistance that fit her personality and her need to help others.

Joyce will want to sit down and discuss with you what your Medicare needs are and what your situation is. Then together, look at what is best for you. There are always options – looking at what is working for you, what may need to be “tweaked”, or what may need to be done completely differently.

“My goal is to help you in any way I can.”

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